Man walking next to an OTTO Motors autonomous mobile robot from ELT Systems Group.

Budget Considerations When Selecting an AMR Solution

Autonomous material movement technologies, specifically autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), have gained popularity as the answer to labor shortages, supply chain disruption and employee safety concerns in manufacturing facilities around the world. As you research options, you will want to understand what technologies are available, how they differ, and the related costs, to implement them. Every…

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Dock levelers and truck restraints

Dock Leveler and Truck Restraint System Support and Sales

Having high-quality, dependable dock equipment is important for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is safety. Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Dock & Door Division sells all different types of dock equipment, including a variety of dock levelers and restraint systems, and provides the routine maintenance and emergency repair service needed to keep…

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Benefits of Material Handling Equipment Solutions

Warehouses and distribution centers are busy work environments that require a steadfast focus on efficient layout and workflow to optimize productivity and remain competitive in their market. Thankfully, forward-thinking facility operators have a variety of material handling equipment and design solutions at their disposal to improve dock-to-stock cycle times and order-picking capacity, reduce product damage,…

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cross docking terminal illustration

Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Cross-Dock

Cross-dock operations are purposely designed to move product quickly, without long-term storage. When deliveries arrive by truck or railcar, product is unloaded and moved to a staging area. There it is screened, sorted and reconfigured on pallets with other product, and then (usually) promptly reloaded onto outbound trucks or railcars and sent on its way…

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Making Automation Easy

Sometimes its daunting to think about automating material handling work. It doesn’t have to be, ELT Systems Group can make it easy.

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Rail Vs Wire Guidance

Available new warehouse space continues to be limited and expensive. One solution has been for warehouses to shrink their aisle widths and replace traditional forklifts with narrow aisle reach forklifts. Other warehouses, with high ceilings, reduce their aisles even more and introduce very narrow aisle (VNA) forklifts, such as order pickers and turret trucks. Some…

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: The Changing Pallet Market

Not all pallets are made of wood.

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Three Takeaways from MODEX 2022

A lot has changed since the last MODEX event in 2020, yet much has stayed the same.

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: The Two Basic Types of Pallets

There are two basic types of pallets: stringer and block. Stringer pallets are the most popular type of pallet in the United States.

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racking in warehouse

Automation Solves Labor and Real Estate Challenges

There are many challenges in today’s manufacturing and material handling world and the two biggest ones are labor and real estate.

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compacter baler dock levelers floor cleaning equipment sweeper scrubber motorized retail shopping cart

Our Retail Services Division offers Balers, Compactors, and more!

The Retail Services Division of Eastern Lift Truck Co. provides baler & compactor and other sales and aftermarket care.

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dock shelters overhead doors and levelers

Prepare your Dock and Door for Cold Weather

It’s that time of year again! Being prepared for colder weather is a must for any business, but especially important for those with external docks and doors.

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