Manually stacking or restacking a load on a pallet is physically strenuous and time-consuming. Fatigued employees are more susceptible to back injuries, slips, trips, falls, and a variety of other injuries some serious enough to cause days off work. In an age of labor shortages, ergonomic lifting equipment is more important than ever for safety reasons and to avoid productive time lost to injury.

What is Ergonomic Lifting Equipment?

Ergonomic lifting equipment includes hydraulic and pneumatic-powered lift and tilt tables, pallet, and container positioners. These machines are designed to reduce the need for personnel to complete repetitive bending, lifting, twisting, or climbing tasks to preserve their health and avoid injury.

Why Use Ergonomic Lifting Equipment?

Warehouse and distribution center workers who use ergonomic lifting equipment to manipulate heavy loads are able to do their job more safely and efficiently.

Customers are often impressed with how quickly these relatively simple devices pay for themselves with increased worker productivity, fewer injuries, and improved company-employee relations.

What types of Ergonomic Lifting Equipment are Available?

There is an incredible variety of equipment available, and it is often customizable to match the end-user’s specific application. The Eastern Lift Truck Co. Warehouse Products Group partners with some of the oldest and most respected ergonomic equipment manufacturers, to offer an incredible variety of ergonomic lifting equipment such as:

Lift Tables and Turntables

Hydraulic Lift Tables
Pneumatic Lift Tables
Floor-height Lift Tables
Pallet Lift Tables
Portable Lift Tables
Compact Lift Tables
Turntable Lifts
Lift and Tilt Tables
High-rise Lift Tables
Tandem Lifts
Heavy-duty Lifts
Super Heavy-duty Lifts
Extended Vertical Travel Lift Tables
Industrial Turntables
Pallet Turntables
Powered Turntables

Pallet Handlers and Positioners

Airbag Levelers
Operator-controlled Levelers
Pallet Truck Accessible Levelers
Pallet Lift Tables
Portable Scissor Lift Tables
Mobile Levelers

Container Tilters

Portable Container Tilters
Roll-On Container Tilters
Pan Style Container Tilters
Lift & Tilt Tables
Fixed Height Tilters
Auto-Leveling Tilters

The Eastern Lift Truck Co. Warehouse Products Group is Ready to Help!

The Eastern Lift Truck Co. Warehouse Products Group is one of the most tenured teams in the material handling industry and prides itself on solving customer’s warehouse challenges. It is part of Eastern Lift Truck Co., a respected dealership that has provided award-winning products and customer service for more than fifty years.

Your Eastern Lift Truck Co. Warehouse Products Group Account Manager will be happy to assess and discuss your ergonomic equipment and other warehouse needs.

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