Industrial Batteries are essential power sources for many different types of material handling equipment. Our team at Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers high performance new batteries and chargers capable of delivering the power you need. We also offer reconditioned batteries and chargers, and our service and repair team can help keep your batteries and chargers operating at their full potential. Whether you have one lift truck or have a large diverse fleet of trucks, we have the right battery and charging solutions for you.

Replacing an old forklift battery involves careful consideration. In this blog post we outline 17 steps you should take, before ordering your next replacement industrial battery.

We sell and service lead-acid batteries, thin-plate pure lead batteries, and lithium-ion/hydrogen fuel cells. Choose from our selection to best fit your equipment and ensure optimal function.

New Batteries & Chargers

We supply many high-performance brands of industrial batteries to match your equipment requirements such as desired longevity, resilience, and charge time. Keep your batteries up to date with our selection of the following brands.

  • Bulldog
  • Crown
  • Deka (East Penn Mfg.)
  • Enersys
  • Exide
  • General
  • GNB
  • Hawker
  • Navitas
  • OneCharge
  • Stromcore

Sometimes a reconditioned battery is a feasible alternative to purchasing a brand-new battery. Ask our service team about options to recondition your battery and extend its usable life or contact our sales team about available used and reconditioned batteries to meet your needs.

If your battery will not charge or has a difficult time holding a charge, you will want to have your equipment evaluated. Our team is experienced in assessing battery and charger operations and making the necessary repairs so you may return to maximum available performance levels. Contact us if you would like to schedule a service appointment.

Improve overall safety while working with batteries and battery-operated equipment with our selection of battery accessories. Also available for purchase, and installation, from Eastern Lift Truck Co. are:

  • Single-point watering systems
  • Eye-wash stations
  • Spill clean-up kits
  • Blinky lights
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