Preparing product for distribution outside the warehouse must be done with care to ensure it is not damaged during the shipping process. It is important to have a dedicated and organized workspace such as a workstation or workbench where shipping tasks can be done in an organized, safe, and efficient manner. For larger shipments, pallet wrap machines can wrap product and reduce the need to wrap by hand. Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers a variety of worktables, workstations, and benches designed to make these tasks easier and more manageable. We can help you customize your workspace, so you have everything you need to efficiently ship your product to its next destination.

Worktables and Workstations

Worktables and workstations are a great solution for doing many tasks like shipping and packaging within a warehouse setting. These versatile tables and stations can be customized by size, height, type of countertops and shelving depending on its use and size of the workspace. With ergonomic features, workers will be more comfortable which makes work safer and more enjoyable. All essential supplies and tools can be stored in an organized place allowing workers to have easy access to everything they need.

Packaging Workbenches

Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers a selection of industrial workbenches that are a great resource within a busy warehouse. Strong, durable workbenches keep tools and supplies organized in one place so work can be done easily, efficiently, and safely. With customizable features like adjustable heights, size, countertop styles and a host of accessories, a workbench can be incorporated into your warehouse where it is needed most.

Stretch Wrap Machines

Preparing product for distribution outside the warehouse is an important step in the shipping process. It must be done with care to ensure the product is not damaged during the shipping process. Wrapping by hand takes time and costly labor hours. Improve your warehouse productivity by investing in a stretch warp machine. These machines safely and efficiently wrap product, reduce the risk of product damage, and reduce labor costs. The machines come in varied sizes and functionality. Reach out to an Eastern Lift Truck Co. representative to find the best type of stretch wrap machine for your business operation.

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