Commercial and Consumer Vehicles

Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) and shuttles to handle people moving or lighter tasks as well as Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) for heavier duty tasks such as transporting heavy loads or navigating rougher terrain. Learn more about each type of vehicle to determine which one is best for you.


See what markets can benefit from our commercial vehicles below! Additionally, we work with individual consumers not associated with a business if you have personal needs for a vehicle.



College/University Campuses


Corporate Campuses

Entertainment Venues


Fire and Rescue

Government Organizations

Medical Campuses



Personal Use


Property Management

Public Safety



Senior Living Communities



Commercial, Consumer, and Recreational Vehicles

We offer two different types of commercial vehicles to fit your needs: Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) and Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs). Each type of vehicle is designed to provide people-moving and cargo carrying capabilities in a variety of settings and across different terrains. Both UTVs and LSVs are fully customizable while also showcasing the most up to date safety features.  

Our primary manufacturing partners are Polaris and Cushman for UTVs and GEM for LSVs. You can create your own Polaris or GEM vehicle with customization options ranging from task specific features such as bed and box configurations to aesthetic features such as color and door design. We have one of the largest inventories of new UTVs and LSVs on the East Coast. Our sales representatives are available to assist in finding the best vehicle for you. Learn more about UTVs and LSVs by clicking on the links below!

We are an authorized vendor under Sourcewell for Polaris (with GEM coverage coming soon), under Omnia (for Cushman) and under COSTARS (for both Polaris and Cushman).  Ask one of our representatives to learn more about how it applies to your specific vehicle needs.


Utility Task Vehicles

Whether you are looking for a durable vehicle to handle outdoor work or are looking for a vehicle for lighter use, UTVs have a variety of options to meet your needs.


Low-Speed Vehicles

Low-speed vehicles are fun and functional. They are also street-legal on many roads, allowing you to expand your transportation capabilities.