A strong fleet is one that performs efficiently and is well maintained. Proper management of your material handling equipment fleet is easy when you have the right tools in place. Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers an innovative cloud-based fleet management solution utilizing a portal that offers you real-time information on the status of your equipment at anytime. It will transform how you track your equipment.

The Eastern Lift Truck Co. Fleet Portal

The Eastern Lift Truck Co. Fleet Portal is a cutting-edge online tool providing users with real-time access to everything related to their material handling fleet. Information about your fleet, service requests, costs and other analytics is at your fingertips. Easily schedule maintenance and repairs, review invoices, and keep up to date on your fleet inventory. A chat feature allows you to communicate directly with our Eastern Lift Truck Co. fleet team. Since the portal is web-based, no software installation is required.

Why use our Fleet Management Solution?

As one of the largest material handling service providers in the industry, we know our way around a fleet and what it takes to keep it vital. We understand that managing the records for each piece of equipment to track servicing and repairs can be tedious and takes valuable time away from your daily warehouse activities. We can help. Utilizing the dashboard graphics within the portal, you get a snapshot of your fleet, and you can drill down to look at the service history and cost to run each individual piece of equipment at any given time. These analytics allow you to make decisions about how to care for the equipment in your fleet.

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