Many factors come into play when considering how to store your material handling products. The right type of storage system is essential to maximizing available space and organizing and improving access to your product. The Eastern Lift Truck Co. Warehouse Products Group offers a variety of storage options to fit the needs of your warehouse. Choose between shelving, cabinets, containers, bins, and totes. We can help you determine the best solutions ranging from long-term storage of bulkier items to short-term storage for items requiring easier access.


The proper shelving is key to a safe, organized warehouse. There are many shelving options to consider like size, thickness, type of construction and how the shelving will be used,


Use cabinets to store product away from dirt and dust. Cabinets keep items secure, protected and centrally located. Ensure safety with proper storage of flammable and hazardous material. Store personal belongs in lockers. 


Keep smaller items organized using containers. Group and label containers by size and use to access items easily.


Bins function to organize different types of items you need to access often. Bins come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be stacked or incorporated into cabinets.


Store items that need to be transported from place to place in totes. Totes are ideal for storage, shipping, production, manufacturing and more.

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