Improve your labor utilization, increase your throughput and make your workspace safer with OTTO Motors Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). These industrial robots automate common material handling tasks and free up your workers to take on other high value tasks. OTTO AMRs will help you tackle labor shortages, scale your business, and outperform your competition. Contact us today to request a consultation and application review.

OTTO Motors: Factory of the Future

Today’s forward-looking manufacturing facilities are addressing labor challenges by implementing more elements of automation. ELT Systems’ staff is trained to assess and identify areas of operation that may benefit from automation. We work with our partners to design and implement automated materials handling technology to make our customers more competitive.

OTTO AMRs are a perfect example of one such integration. OTTO AMRs don’t require additional physical infrastructure, and are safer, more reliable and cost-effective than traditional manual handling processes. OTTO and ELT Systems handles projects of all sizes, including facility-wide automation systems.

OTTO Motors manufactures four models:

  • The OTTO 100: Performs integrated and cart lifts. Customizable. Payload 331 pounds.
  • The OTTO 1200: Built to deliver the highest throughput in its heavy class, yet compact enough to navigate tight spaces. Payloads up to 2,640 pounds.
  • The OTTO 1500: Moves heavy loads faster than any AMR on the market. Payload is 4,190 pounds.
  • The OTTO Lifter: The “smartest autonomous forklift” debuted March 2022. Uses powerful autonomy software to make intelligent real-time decisions to move materials to the right place, at the right time.

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