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Over the years there has been an increased interest in protecting our environment with a continuing move toward sustainability and going green. With stricter environmental regulations in place, businesses are looking at alternative power solutions for their material handling equipment to reduce their overall emissions. Clean energy solutions such as lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells for material handling equipment help lower environmental impact while being cost-effective to your operation.  Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers a wide range of alternative fuel-ready lift trucks from Hyster-Yale®. These lift trucks have batteries designed to charge faster than traditional lead-acid batteries. They are also easier to maintain. This translates into better performance, higher productivity, and lower maintenance costs.  Read on to learn more about their different features and how they can be integrated into your business operation.

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Lithium-Ion Power

If you are looking for a realistic and viable way to bring clean energy into your business operation, consider lithium-ion battery technology. Lift trucks with lithium-ion batteries are powerful workhorses releasing no toxic emissions into the air. Spills and acid leaks are never a concern. Plus, FDA compliance is met. Every Hyster® or Yale® electric lift truck may be easily retrofitted and converted from lead-batteries. 

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Looking for ways to reduce lift truck emissions, lower operational costs and improve efficiency in your warehouse? Many material handling businesses have turned to hydrogen fuel cells, as an alternative fuel solution for their lift trucks. Lift trucks powered by hydrogen fuel release no harmful greenhouse emissions making them safer for operators and environmentally friendly. They are reliable and easier to maintain than other engine types. Since these fuel cells recharge in a matter of minutes, you can expect shorter equipment downtime and your operation will be more productive and run more efficiently. Contact your Eastern Lift Truck Co Account Manager to learn how you can benefit from this type of alternative fuel solution.

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