First, some history about Polaris, the company that introduced the first UTV.

Polaris manufactured its first snowmobile in 1955 and in the following decades, parlayed its success into product development and new markets. In 1985 Polaris became the first American company to build an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV for short. They named it the Trail Boss. In 1999, the company introduced the utility task vehicle (UTV) to the world in the form of the high-performance Ranger 6×6.

The Ranger quickly dominated the outdoor power sports world. But it has found a  home in commercial applications from ranches to construction sites, refineries to fisheries, school campuses and even military battlefields. End users appreciated the Ranger’s commercial capabilities and were creative in finding applications for them.

With more than one million Rangers sold, Polaris is rightfully acknowledged as a world leader in product design and innovation.

In 2019, to meet surging commercial and industrial demand for its products, Polaris launched the Polaris Commercial Division and introduced its first purpose-built, commercial-grade UTV – the Polaris Pro XD utility task vehicle.

The heavy-duty Polaris Pro XD is available in gas, diesel or all-electric, and is designed for extended operating cycles and has the adaptability to accept attachments. It is a vehicle that provides solutions for today’s demanding commercial, industrial, municipal, government & military applications.

Now, Polaris Commercial has released the Pro XD Kinetic, an all-electric UTV designed to handle the toughest of job sites and heavy-duty applications.

As an authorized Polaris distributor, Eastern Vehicles Solutions offers rugged UTVs with nearly endless applications. Examples include snowplow and salt spreading operations, refuse hauling, personnel transporting, a fleet of burden carriers, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, police vehicles, landscaping, and maintenance vehicles. Our Polaris UTVs haul hay to elephants at the zoo, tour our national parks and clear snow from solar panels.

Utility task vehicles (UTVs) can open a new world of opportunities for off-road activities. These vehicles can easily carry two to six passengers and haul cargo through tight spaces or wet areas. While UTVs can be an excellent asset for activities like camping, trail riding or hunting, they can also be an excellent vehicle for businesses to complete tasks like towing or transporting materials. Attachments for UTVs make them solution-based tools for all kinds of applications.

Now, please read on to learn which UTV is right for you and then ask Eastern Vehicle Solutions to evaluate your application and recommend options and attachments to simplify your tasks at hand.

Benefits of UTV’S

Commercial UTVs are popular vehicles for construction sites, farmers, landscape contractors, colleges & universities, police and fire departments, municipal maintenance vehicles, industrial sites, and many other commercial, industrial, recreational, residential, and off-road applications. These vehicles bring immense benefits including:

  • Maneuverability: UTVs allow people and teams to access locations quickly. For businesses, this could enable better work-site visibility or access to tight spots that other vehicles cannot access. These vehicles can navigate various types of terrain in virtually any weather condition, making them excellent tools for the entire year.
  • Attachment possibilities: While many people rely on UTVs to transport loads, these vehicles are versatile and can be an asset for many different tasks. For example, you can find attachments to enhance lighting, increase storage, add protection on bumpers, make the cab more comfortable, or plow snow and ice.
  • Improved safety: Using a UTV on work sites can be safer than walking. Construction zones and similar areas often have many moving objects and tripping hazards that can injure unprotected people. Driving a UTV reduces these risks and provides a durable frame for protecting the operator.
  • Reduced costs: Although you can utilize other vehicles, such as pickup trucks, for some UTV tasks, you will often find that these alternatives are more expensive. If you are looking for a long-term solution that is more budget-friendly, a UTV is the way to go.

UTV Specs to Consider

With so many types of UTVs on the market, the selection process can be challenging. Before choosing a vehicle, evaluate your unique needs and the features needed to complete your desired tasks. Consider these specs when browsing for models:

  • Towing: UTVs can tow compact campers, a load of rocks and other heavy items with the right towing capacity. You can find vehicles with a wide range of towing capacities, often between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds. Understand the weight of items you anticipate towing to determine which model you need.
  • Tires: Tires are another important consideration because they determine whether the vehicle can go through certain locations. For instance, some UTVs can trek through muddy woodland, while others are more suited to climbing uneven mountain trails.
  • Speed: Although UTVs will not offer the same speed as a traditional car or truck, high speeds on these vehicles can aid in task completion. If you plan to use the UTV for utility purposes only, you may be able to avoid the top speed ranges, saving some money on your overall purchase.
  • Personnel Transportation: UTVs can accommodate from two to eight passengers, but you can find some models that can carry more. Small teams or individuals can opt for smaller models, while larger teams or companies with specific requirements may need larger UTVs.
  • Capacity: If you are hauling lighter items or do not intend to haul objects in the UTV, you can opt for our Mid-Range Pro XDs with a lower bed capacity.
  • Burden carrier:  If you plan to utilize your vehicle for heavier tasks, consider the weight of the items you often encounter. As a general rule, opt for a capacity slightly higher than you need to ensure you have extra capacity if you ever need it.
  • Power source: You can find gas and electric UTV models. People or businesses only using the vehicle for short distances may benefit from an electric model they can charge overnight. Electric models are designed for sustainability, are quieter operating, require less maintenance and are immensely powerful, which can be a great asset on work sites.
  • Customization: If you want to use your UTV for various tasks, consider what attachments or customization options are available for the model you choose. For example, if you want to use your vehicle all year long, you may want to install a Fisher plow with ice and snow removal attachments. You can also find customization options to enhance operator comfort and ease, such as additional lighting, clear-view doors, or crank windows. If these changes are essential for your operation, select a model that allows easy customization.

What Will You Be Using It For?

Like any equipment you purchase, it is essential to consider what your application requirements are and what solutions are available. UTVs appear in recreational and commercial settings, offering fun or practical uses. Farmers, construction workers and ground maintenance teams can utilize UTVs to streamline workflows. Other than having fun, you can use a UTV to accomplish tasks like:

  • Feeding livestock: You can easily load feed or hay into the vehicle and transport it to every stall. The compact size of a UTV makes it great for navigating tight spaces like barns.
  • Spreading mulch: Ground maintenance teams and landscapers can use UTVs to spread essential substances over vast grounds, keeping them green and gorgeous.
  • Hauling loads: Construction teams can rely on these vehicles to transport necessary materials to the project site or haul debris and garbage away from the workplace.
  • Plowing ice and snow: Teams working in the winter can enjoy the versatility of UTV attachments. Snowplow attachments can quickly clear a work site without straining the vehicle’s engine.
  • Spreading Salt: Slips and fall accidents are a constant worry for places with high pedestrian traffic such as college campuses, office complexes, hospitals, municipal buildings, and public sidewalks. In areas where pickup trucks cannot be operated, utility task vehicles get the job done.  
  • Fencing: If you are working over hills or fields for a fencing project, a UTV can be an excellent tool for carrying essential supplies and navigating the terrain quickly. Additionally, you can mount wire to the back of the vehicle and allow the wire to unspool as you drive if you want to make quick work of a wire fencing project.
  • Accessing remote locations: UTVs possess off-road capabilities that empower them to access otherwise hard-to-reach locations. With these vehicles, you can easily navigate hills, mud, and forests, reducing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Police, fire, rescue, and security:  UTVs properly equipped are designed to operate in those difficult to reach locations where trucks, ambulances and cars cannot operate. From our beaches to our national forests, from our downtown parks to the NFL 50-yard line – UTVs are there to serve. 

Explore UTVs from Eastern Vehicle Solutions

Eastern Vehicle Solutions is a division of Eastern Lift Truck Co., a family-owned company that has been around for more than fifty years. We can assist you with vehicles designed for light usage as well as those for heavy-duty outdoor work. As an authorized distributor for Cushman and Polaris Pro XD, we can confidently provide the vehicles you need to complete tough tasks while ensuring safety. Our team also offers vehicles through contracts with Omnia, COSTARS and Sourcewell, so you can always find the necessary equipment.

Eastern Vehicle Solutions has new and used models to rent or purchase to suit your needs. We have an extensive inventory of powerful and durable vehicles. For help choosing the right model for your application, please request more information and connect with our team today.

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