Types of Forklift Tires

Choosing the right tire option for your lift truck depends on your application. The most common tire types are pneumatic, typically for outdoor operations and cushion for indoor use. But it’s not always that black and white.  Solid Pneumatic: To the uninitiated, the term ‘solid pneumatic’ sounds like an oxymoron. These pneumatic-shaped tires are similar to…

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Carriage Mounting Class

It is important to know your forklift carriage mounting class, especially when adding forks or attachments.

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Quick Disconnect Couplings and Fittings (QDCs / QDs)

Quick disconnect couplings, also known as “QDCs or QDs” have many uses. They provide a safe and fast way to release and reconnect hydraulic hose connections.

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Mast

What’s the first thing you think of when you read the word mast? Most people (outside our industry) think of a sailboat.

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Industrial Battery Maintenance and Storage during Extended Downtime

Proper industrial battery maintenance is critical to keep electric lift trucks running at optimum performance levels.

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Prepare your Dock and Door for Cold Weather

It’s that time of year again! Being prepared for colder weather is a must for any business, but especially important for those with external docks and doors.

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Forklift Tires: Inspection, Maintenance, and Replacement is all important!

This is a blog post about forklift tires, and specifically, the importance of proper tire care.

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Ongoing Training is Important to our Team

Safety and continuing education are ingrained into our culture at Eastern Lift Truck Co.

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Labor Shortage Solutions

Businesses around the globe are struggling to meet demand with major labor shortages.

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Warehouse Doors & Loading Docks are a Critical part of your Operation!

Eastern Lift Truck Co. understands that your loading dock area is a critical part of your operation.

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9 Tips for Selecting the Right Industrial Pressure Washer

Hotsy professional washers are only sold through authorized dealers and not at your local stores. Call Eastern Lift Truck Co. so we can help you determine which pressure washer is right for you.

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Eastern Lift Truck Co. is your best and reliable source for Certified Used Equipment!

Safe and reliable used equipment to match your company’s needs.

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