How to Select the Right Commercial UTV for You

First, some history about Polaris, the company that introduced the first UTV. Polaris manufactured its first snowmobile in 1955 and in the following decades, parlayed its success into product development and new markets. In 1985 Polaris became the first American company to build an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV for short. They named it the Trail…

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New MAFI terminal tractor and roll trailer.

Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Quick Response Aids Marine Terminal Operator in Need

Operating a busy marine port with full rail and interstate highway access is challenging, even for a company with more than one hundred years of experience and the ability to handle a variety of shipments from bulk and breakbulk, to project cargo, and Ro/Ro. Last summer, one such deep-water, multimodal terminal, contacted Eastern Lift Truck…

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Dock levelers and truck restraints

Dock Leveler and Truck Restraint System Support and Sales

Having high-quality, dependable dock equipment is important for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is safety. Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Dock & Door Division sells all different types of dock equipment, including a variety of dock levelers and restraint systems, and provides the routine maintenance and emergency repair service needed to keep…

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Benefits of Material Handling Equipment Solutions

Warehouses and distribution centers are busy work environments that require a steadfast focus on efficient layout and workflow to optimize productivity and remain competitive in their market. Thankfully, forward-thinking facility operators have a variety of material handling equipment and design solutions at their disposal to improve dock-to-stock cycle times and order-picking capacity, reduce product damage,…

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Should You Rent, Buy or Lease a Forklift?

Should You Rent, Buy or Lease a Forklift?

Forklifts fulfill critical material handling applications each day by helping workers lift and move products and raw materials across varying applications, distances, and heights. Choosing the right forklift for your operation involves careful thought and consideration. After you determine what type of forklift you need, you still have a crucial decision to make — how…

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Combilift executives with Convoy of Hope.

Press Release: Combilift Celebrates 25th Anniversary with a Forklift Donation.

Our partners at Combilift have reached another milestone: 25 years of lifting innovation. To celebrate, during ProMat last week, Combilift announced their 75,000th truck, an Aisle Master articulating forklift would be donated to Convoy of Hope, a humanitarian organization that helps the communities throughout the world. Read the press release.

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Yale ERC040VA data plate.

Determine the Year of Manufacture of your Hyster or Yale Forklift

Use this handy reference list to determine the year of manufacture of a Hyster or Yale forklift. Locate the last character (letter) from a Hyster or Yale forklift serial number on this list to see the corresponding year of manufacture. Note: Hyster and Yale cycle through the same letter every 23 years, so you will…

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Yale ERP-DH Forklift with Open Battery Compartment

Follow these 17 Steps before Ordering a Replacement Industrial Battery

Your industrial lead-acid forklift battery has been examined by a professional and determined to be beyond repair consideration. So, you need replacement battery, and fast. Now what?! The easy answer is to contact Eastern Lift Truck Co. We’ll send out an Account Manager or Customer Service Representative to gather the necessary information we need to…

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Collage of commercial vehicles.

Differences between Low-Speed Vehicles and Golf Carts

In this blog we will outline differences between Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) and Golf Carts. But first, let’s consider the few commonalities: LSVs and Golf Carts are both compact vehicles that haul people at a slower rate of speed than other forms of transportation, such as automobiles, vans, and trucks. To the uninitiated, LSVs and Golf…

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Warehouse drawing

What is the difference between an AGV and an AMR?

If you’ve been investigating robotic material handling equipment you inevitably have come across the terms AMR and AGV. So what is the difference? Although some may unknowingly use the terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two types of vehicles. An AGV is a robotic vehicle that must follow a discrete path, from…

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OTTO robotic warehouse solutions

How AMR Technology Creates a Safe Environment

When considering robotics in material handling the first question is almost always about the efficiency and work provided by the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot). The second question is almost always, “How safe is it?” Workplace safety is always at the forefront of management’s mind, especially when heavy material handling equipment and products are being transported…

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forklift forks and attachments

Types of Specialty Forklift Forks

Depending on your operational needs, forklifts can be more versatile if equipped with specialty forks. There is a wide range of forks and attachments to increase productivity. Here are some of the more common types for specialty forks.  Fork Extensions – extensions or extenders are probably the most common type of specialty fork. They simply slide…

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