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Differences between Low-Speed Vehicles and Golf Carts

In this blog we will outline differences between Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) and Golf Carts. But first, let’s consider the few commonalities: LSVs and Golf Carts are both compact vehicles that haul people at a slower rate of speed than other forms of transportation, such as automobiles, vans, and trucks. To the uninitiated, LSVs and Golf…

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What is the difference between an AGV and an AMR?

If you’ve been investigating robotic material handling equipment you inevitably have come across the terms AMR and AGV. So what is the difference? Although some may unknowingly use the terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two types of vehicles. An AGV is a robotic vehicle that must follow a discrete path, from…

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OTTO robotic warehouse solutions

How AMR Technology Creates a Safe Environment

When considering robotics in material handling the first question is almost always about the efficiency and work provided by the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot). The second question is almost always, “How safe is it?” Workplace safety is always at the forefront of management’s mind, especially when heavy material handling equipment and products are being transported…

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forklift forks and attachments

Types of Specialty Forklift Forks

Depending on your operational needs, forklifts can be more versatile if equipped with specialty forks. There is a wide range of forks and attachments to increase productivity. Here are some of the more common types for specialty forks.  Fork Extensions – extensions or extenders are probably the most common type of specialty fork. They simply slide…

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cross docking terminal illustration

Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Cross-Dock

Cross-dock operations are purposely designed to move product quickly, without long-term storage. When deliveries arrive by truck or railcar, product is unloaded and moved to a staging area. There it is screened, sorted and reconfigured on pallets with other product, and then (usually) promptly reloaded onto outbound trucks or railcars and sent on its way…

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Hyster container handler

Types of Forklift Tires

Choosing the right tire option for your lift truck depends on your application. The most common tire types are pneumatic, typically for outdoor operations and cushion for indoor use. But it’s not always that black and white.  Solid Pneumatic To the uninitiated, the term ‘solid pneumatic’ sounds like an oxymoron. These pneumatic-shaped tires are similar…

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Making Automation Easy

Sometimes its daunting to think about automating material handling work. It doesn’t have to be, ELT Systems Group can make it easy.

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Rail Vs Wire Guidance

Available new warehouse space continues to be limited and expensive. One solution has been for warehouses to shrink their aisle widths and replace traditional forklifts with narrow aisle reach forklifts. Other warehouses, with high ceilings, reduce their aisles even more and introduce very narrow aisle (VNA) forklifts, such as order pickers and turret trucks. Some…

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: The Changing Pallet Market

Not all pallets are made of wood.

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Forklift Technician Apprentice Program

Paid Hands-on Training. Competitive Compensation. Opportunities For Rapid Advancement. These are just a few of the many benefits of Eastern Lift Truck Company’s (ELTC) unique and exciting Forklift Technician Apprentice Program. The goal of our Forklift Technician Apprentice Program is simple: attract, train, and develop talent for our Service Department, throughout our seven-state Mid-Atlantic region….

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Three Considerations for Gaining Efficiency in AMR Deployments

If you are investigating automating pallet moves in your facility, there are three main things you need to consider.

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Materials Handling & Storage Glossary: Carriage Mounting Class

It is important to know your forklift carriage mounting class, especially when adding forks or attachments.

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