A forklift carriage assembly is the front-end “platform” that moves up and down the mast and holds the load backrest, load forks and often, an attachment. Pictured here, inside the green box, it is black section that holds the (yellow) load backrest and (red) load forks.

There are several different types and sizes of forklift carriages, and it is important to know your specific forklift’s mounting classification (class) when you need to replace your load forks or are interested in adding a new attachment.

There are five carriage classes. Each level is determined by the forklift’s capacity and working load center. To determine your carriage class, measure the distance between the top edge of the upper and lower edge of the fork bar, or contact an Eastern Lift Truck Co. Representative for assistance.

Class 1: Carriage height: 13”. Lifting capacity: less than 2,200 lbs

Class 2: Carriage height: 16”. Lifting capacity: between 2,200 lbs. and 5,500 lbs

Class 3: Carriage height: 20”. Lifting capacity: between 5,500 lbs. and 10,998 lbs

Class 4: Carriage height: 25”. Lifting capacity: between 11,000 lbs. and 17,600 lbs

Class 5: Carriage height: 28.66”. Lifting capacity: between 17,602 lbs. and 24,198 lbs

It is also helpful to reference the data plate, also known as the capacity plate, for specific information on the forklift various capacity ratings, which vary based on load center and lift height.

If you have any questions about carriages or forklifts in general, we are available to help. Contact your local ELTC Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

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