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AGVs vs. AMRs: Exploring the Key Differences in Warehouse Automation

Today, tasks like moving, packing, loading and unloading goods are more advanced than ever. Industries can use state-of-the-art mechanisms to complete operations more efficiently, resulting in fewer labor-intensive tasks and increased productivity and revenue. Improving your processes with robotic automation allows you to stay ahead of your industry, streamline processes, maximize efficiency and enhance working…

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OTTO Motors 1500 Autonomous Mobile Robot

Cross Docking

Cross docking is a practice where materials are transferred from inbound trucking to outbound trucking. Cross docking allows for operations to move, combine and sort less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments prior to final delivery. In practice, these operations utilize multiple staging areas where inbound materials are sorted and checked and stored until being delivered to outbound docks…

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OTTO Motors 600 autonomous mobile robot

Small Goods and Tote Transport

There are many applications in any operation that require the movement of small goods or small containers of products, supplies or ready-to-ship boxes that aren’t palletized. ELT Systems Group’s robotic solutions can automate these workflows with a cart-based system. With the OTTO 100 you can stage carts with different shelving configurations throughout your facility with…

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Pallet rack with tunnel

Emergency Procedures

Every facility has its own safety procedures in the case of an emergency. In the case of a fire, for example, all fork truck operators must park their trucks in a place that does not obstruct any emergency exits, fire extinguishers etc. When it comes to robotic lift trucks, the requirements are the same for…

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Photo of a box on a shelf marked fragile.

Inbound to Quality Control or Staging

In some operations like cross-docking or manufacturing, pallets that are delivered to an inbound staging area need to moved throughout the facility to different quality control or staging areas. The pallets are placed in staging lanes and need to be scanned and delivered to an appropriate area. In order to automate these workflows a myriad…

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Inter-Building Transport

Large warehouses and distribution centers have the challenge of moving pallets from one side of a build to another. This could be movement from inbound, long- or short-term storage, to an outbound or quality control area. Regardless of where the pallets are moving to and from, manual operators are required to travel long distances moving…

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OTTO 100 AMRs in a line

Automating Milk Runs in Production

A typical application for manual operators is to drive tuggers pulling carts, with materials to be delivered to multiple locations, in a production facility, aka a milk run. A robotic lift truck solution automates tugger routes by removing the need for manual operators to drive in loops all day. The robotic solution has a capacity…

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Hyster lift trucks in warehouse

A Guide to Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation has transformed the nature of the industry, bringing robotics, equipment and software to nearly every task in the facility. As automation technology becomes more attainable and affordable, warehouse organizations must have a pulse on it. Adopting automation techniques will be crucial to staying competitive and getting ahead of the curve. As a trusted…

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End of Production

The final production of goods need to be moved after completion to different locations like storage, pallet wrappers, palletizers, outbound staging areas, quality control or packaging. All these processes can be done with a robotic lift trucks. Robotic lift trucks can integrate with conveyor systems or palletizers so that they can called for pickup. Once…

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Otto AMR in warehouse

The Future of AMRs and AGVs in Material Handling

In December 2022, OTTO Motors hosted “The Best of Both Worlds: Unlocking the Productivity of AGVs and AMRs”: a webinar that analyzed the differences between AMRs and AGVs, from their technology to their applications. This webinar introduced the idea of Graph-based Planning, an algorithm that enables manufacturing facilities to achieve the benefits of both AMRs and AGVs…

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Man walking next to an OTTO Motors autonomous mobile robot from ELT Systems Group.

Budget Considerations When Selecting an AMR Solution

Autonomous material movement technologies, specifically autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), have gained popularity as the answer to labor shortages, supply chain disruption and employee safety concerns in manufacturing facilities around the world. As you research options, you will want to understand what technologies are available, how they differ, and the related costs, to implement them. Every…

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Photo of scrap / trash

Trash Removal

Robotic lift trucks have the best return on investment when they are continuously working. A robot can be used in many ways, but instead of sitting idle it should have other low priority tasks to complete. One of these tasks can be bringing trash from multiple locations in a facility to a compactor or drop…

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