New MAFI terminal tractor and roll trailer.

Operating a busy marine port with full rail and interstate highway access is challenging, even for a company with more than one hundred years of experience and the ability to handle a variety of shipments from bulk and breakbulk, to project cargo, and Ro/Ro.

Last summer, one such deep-water, multimodal terminal, contacted Eastern Lift Truck Co. looking for assistance. They had experienced a dramatic increase in their inbound shipments, and their terminal tractor operators were struggling to keep pace handling the extra lumber, construction materials, steel coils, and other metal products.

It was determined that one additional terminal tractor was immediately needed to support the customer’s existing pool of MAFI roll trailers, and Eastern Lift Truck Co. quickly delivered a rental MAFI model T230.

A few months later, business showed no signs of slowing, and the terminal expressed interest in acquiring not one, but two, new MAFI terminal tractors, rather than continuing to rent on a short-term basis.

Once again, Eastern Lift Truck Co. respond promptly. The customer was pleased to learn we had new MAFI terminal tractors in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Our sales team wrote up offers for a fair market value (FMV) lease and an outright purchase. The terminal managers compared our proposals against several competitors before selecting (2) new MAFI T230 units for outright purchase. The units were delivered immediately.

Our competitive pricing and responsiveness, and the terminal’s familiarity with MAFI roll trailers, were cited as the major reasons that Eastern Lift Truck Co. was awarded the business. The Terminal’s Director of Maintenance recently commented: “the MAFI truck and trailer combination really helps us be efficient moving products. By adding two more trucks, we are able complete our work within in an ideal timeframe.

The customer was offered maintenance program options, but ultimately felt comfortable handling their own service work, with the understanding that Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s qualified technicians are always on call and available for rare warranty work or when their own technicians are busy or need assistance.

If your terminal or distribution center is experiencing similar equipment challenges, Eastern Lift Truck Co. can help. We continue to stock new and rental MAFI terminal tractors and roll trailers – both flat and goose neck.

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