Lithium-Ion Power

What if you could achieve greater productivity and efficiency, and experience cost savings while operating your material handling equipment with clean energy? Now, through the use of lithium-ion battery technology, these are realistic and viable goals. As your authorized Hyster® and Yale® forklift dealer serving the mid-Atlantic region, Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. offers one of the widest ranges of alternative fuel-ready lift trucks in the industry. Read on to discover the features and benefits of lithium-ion forklift batteries, or contact us today to request more information.

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Lithium-Ion Power Benefits

  • Maintenance-Free

    Lithium-ion batteries are completely sealed for long-term, maintenance-free operation. Unlike lead-acid batteries, they do not corrode, sulfate, or emit dangerous gases. There’s no need for cleaning, watering, cool-down time, or a weekly equalization charge. Plus, with no loss of charge or other adverse effects from long-term storage, lithium-ion batteries are always ready to work when you are.

  • Charge Anytime, Anywhere

    Charging a lithium-ion battery is easy, as the battery never has to leave the truck, so charging may occur wherever and whenever convenient. There is no need to return the lift truck to a battery charging and changing room. Use that space for something more productive. There is also no need to fully discharge and recharge a lithium-ion battery. Forklift operators can safely assume responsibility of their own motive power needs, with on-demand opportunity charging throughout the workday.

  • Longer Lifetime

    "Energy-dense" lithium-ion batteries have a 3,000-cycle expected lifespan, which is nearly three times longer than lead-acid batteries. With no harmful “memory effect” from opportunity charging a lithium-ion battery, you can count on it to deliver consistent power and reliable runtime over the long haul. Save over 80% on forklift battery costs with Hyster® and Yale® lithium-ion technology!

  • Covered Under Warranty

    Lithium-ion forklift batteries are easy to use and easy to maintain. This translates to fewer issues of neglected care and potential warranty disputes. However, should any issues arise, you can rest easy knowing that our lithium-ion power systems carry a warranty for 60 months or 3,000 cycles.

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Clean, Cost-Effective Power

With increasing scrutiny of industrial emissions, stricter environmental regulations, and fluctuating energy costs, alternative power solutions are becoming ever more attractive to material handling businesses. Zero toxic emissions, spills, or acid leaks mean lithium-ion forklift batteries are much more environmentally friendly than their lead-acid counterparts. They are also FDA compliant.

In a five-year period, you could replace about four lead-acid battery packs and maintain them regularly, or install a single, maintenance-free lithium-ion battery pack and save more than 80% on lift truck battery costs and recycling waste.

Made for Material Handling

Hyster® and Yale® lithium-ion battery packs are recognized under the UL 583 safety standard for electric battery-powered industrial trucks — the only safety standard recognized by the Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation for use in material handling equipment.

Lithium-ion forklift batteries are capable of functioning in a full range of ambient temperatures, from -31°F to 104°F, with little to no drop-off in voltage output. This makes them an ideal motive power solution for a variety of industries, from cold-storage to intensive manufacturing applications.

Start Saving Today

Throughout 2018, new Hyster® and Yale® electric forklifts will be manufactured with the capability of operating with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, or hydrogen fuel cells. We are excited that there will now be three different fuel options for every Hyster® or Yale® stand-up, sit-down, or walk-behind electric lift truck! In addition, all current production Hyster® and Yale® electric forklifts may be easily retrofitted and converted from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

For more information about lithium-ion forklift batteries, please contact your Eastern Lift Truck Co. Account Manager. We would be happy to review your operation and set up a demonstration.

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