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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. October 05, 2022

Depending on your operational needs, forklifts can be more versatile if equipped with specialty forks. There is a wide range of forks and attachments to increase productivity. Here are some of the more common types for specialty forks. 

Fork Extensions – extensions or extenders are probably the most common type of specialty fork. They simply slide over existing load forks. But care must be taken not exceed 1.5 times the length of the existing forks. Operators should never lift with only the tips of the extensions.

Weigh Forks – allow operators to move product and weighing it at the same time. These forks are also available with Bluetooth capabilities.

Kooi Reach Forks – are hydraulically-operated fork extensions.

Kooi Rollerforks – the forks do not involve hydraulics. They simply hang on the standard lift truck carriage. They are equipped with internal rolling mechanisms in forks allowing for easy loading and unloading of product. They are great for slip sheet applications.

Stainless Steel-Clad Forks – often utilized in highly sanitary applications, such as the food and beverage industries.

Spark Retardant Forks – reduce dangerous sparking within hazardous environments.

Carpet Ram / Carpet Pole – these long cylindrical rams or pole mount on the lift truck carriage or over existing forks. They are designed to move rolls of carpet or other material.

Folding Forks – just as the name implies, these forks fold up as needed, which is helpful in tight quarters or when the lift truck enters a freight elevator.

Lumber Forks – tapered and/or polished forks that aid in getting under stacks of lumber.

Block Forks – available in different lengths, for handling bricks and block.

Gypsum Forks – also called drywall forks for handling drywall or sheetrock.

Things to consider when changing forks and front-end attachments:

The mounting class of the forklift must match the class of the forks

Does your forklift have the capacity to handle the change? Ask us for help!

Making changes often requires a new data plate. Again, ask us for assistance. 

These are just some of the available fork options. There are plenty of others to match a variety of applications. Eastern Lift Truck Co. is always happy to assist with recommendations, so you find the best fit for your needs, but do so in a manner that does not impair the forklift capacity or your safety. 

Contact your local Eastern Lift Truck Co. Account Manager to discuss fork options.

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