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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. December 08, 2021

Productivity and throughput are more important than ever to keep our supply chain moving. When it comes to forklifts, having the proper front-end attachment will provide optimal performance and functionality. Some loads cannot be moved without a special attachment. In this blog post, we’ll take a high-level look at forklift attachments. If you have questions, please reach out to our Sales Department for assistance.

Sideshifters: Are the most common attachment. It helps move loads side to side, so you do not have to move the entire forklift to pick up a load. Small hydraulic adjustments enable load forks to be properly aligned with the pallet. 

Fork Extensions: These “sleeves” give your forks extra length to lift long or irregularly loaded pallets. They are easily added to existing forks. But caution must be used as they also extend the load center. They are also not suitable for use with larger forks handling heavy loads. 

Multiple Load Handlers (Single-Double-Triple): Double or even triple the number of pallets handled with these popular warehouse attachments. Use to handle a single pallet or spread hydraulically to carry multiple pallets side by side. 

Fork Positioners and Sideshifting Fork Positioners: Hydraulically position forks, in tandem, left or right or individually, as the load type and size dictate. An excellent time-saving attachment, which also provides a much safer way to move heavy forks on high-capacity forklifts. 

Push/Pull Attachments (Slip Sheets): When pallets are not used, this attachment grips the slip sheet (often just cardboard) and push/pulls the product on top of the forks and ultimately into its desired location. Popular in fast-paced distribution centers. 

Layer Picker: Primarily used in beverage warehouses and distribution facilities. This attachment enables you to clamp from all 4 sides, securing the loads of both canned and bottled products and handles single or multiple layers for building mixed pallets. 

Paper Roll Clamps: Clamp, move and stack a variety of paper rolls. Adjustable clamp pressure and special pads help keep paper damage to a minimum. Split clamps allow the handling of two rolls at one time, even if they are different diameters. 

Bale Clamps: These clamps handle baled material such as wastepaper, recycled plastic products, scrap metal and wood. 

Appliance Clamps: These clamps are specially designed to move refrigerators and stoves. 

Rotators: Lift and dump loads with a range of motion from 180 to 360 degrees. 

Block Forks or 4-CMU Cubing Forks: Ideal for lifting and transporting large quantities of concrete cinder blocks and other materials with its multiple fork “tines” design.

Safety Cages aka Operator Work Platform: While typically not permanently attached to a forklift, these are very common and enable a team to work safely at different heights while fully and safely enclosed. They must be properly fitted and secured to the forklift, following OSHA guidelines. 

Carpet Poles aka Rams: A simple attachment consisting of long pole centered on the carriage of the forklift. Different sizes and diameters are used to safely move rolls of carpet and other textiles. 

Bin Tippers: Safely empty bulk loads by hydraulically tipping the bin (hopper) forward. 

Forklift Jibs: Jibs are designed to securely and easily slide onto existing forks, providing a hook point to lift and transport non-palletized loads. 

It’s critical to use the right attachment to move your loads and avoid potentially damage or personal injury. Consult with Eastern Lift Truck Co. to confirm your attachment has the correct load capacity ratings and conforms with your equipment. You will also need an updated data plate, when you change or add an attachment to existing equipment. Our team can help you with that, as well. 

Call us today for recommendations on which attachment you need to safely move your products. We are happy to schedule one of our experienced Account Managers to visit and assess your operation.

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