Forklifts are some of the hardest working machines in a business with material handling operations – and one of the most crucial. Downtime and damage due to inexperienced drivers can be costly, which is why it’s so important to properly train forklift operators.

10 reasons to schedule a forklift training and certification course today:

  1. Increases operator efficiency: Forklift operators who are comfortable and confident on the equipment work faster and more efficiently.
  2. Makes your operators experts on your equipment: The more familiar forklift operators are with your equipment, the more likely they are to spot and solve problems before they arise.
  3. Reduces risk of injury: Forklifts can be dangerous when operated without the proper training. Reduce the chance of injury by properly training every employee who operates your lift trucks.
  4. Reduces forklift repair costs: Inexperienced forklift operators can cause damage to the equipment, both through improper maintenance and through accidents.
  5. Reduces inventory loss: Inexperienced forklift operators may damage goods while moving them with a lift truck. These little damages may seem small, but they can add up over time.
  6. Speeds up operations: When lift truck operators are well-versed in their equipment, the overall productivity of your operation increases.
  7. Helps retain good workers: When you invest in your employees’ knowledge and well-being with proper forklift operator training, they’ll stay longer with your company.
  8. Instills good habits: Forklift operator training teaches operators good habits that will help avoid accidents and damage.
  9. Adds years to a machine’s life: When your lift trucks are properly operated and cared for, the machine’s life will be extended.
  10. Makes your business compliant: Forklift operator training is required by OSHA.

Eastern Lift provides forklift operator training courses, along with “Train the Trainer” programs. Get in touch today to learn how we can help save you time and money!

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