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The Merits of Leasing

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. August 09, 2017

The popularity of leasing a forklift vs. owning a forklift has increased dramatically over the past twenty years. Eastern Lift Truck Co. works side by side with its customers to review operational and financial considerations such as usage (current and expected), maintenance programs, overtime usage, capital expenditure, lease terms, end of lease options, tax considerations and overall business goals. We strongly encourage customers to go through a thorough review with their accountant. Ultimately, the decision to lease or not to lease is left to the customer.

While leasing is not right for everyone, why do so many companies decide to lease their forklifts? Here are some pretty good reasons:

• Access to the latest lift truck technology makes your truck(s) safer, more ergonomic, productive and efficient, while greatly reducing downtime.

• The ability to adjust your mix and quantity of lift trucks to suit changing needs.

• Predetermined replacement cycle allows more accurate budgeting.

• Lower overall associated costs vs. buying and maintaining an aging fleet.

• Optional maintenance coverage will keep your equipment running smoothly and maintenance costs may be rolled into the lease rate for one easy payment.

• Flexible payment terms/online lease reporting give you piece of mind.

Eastern Lift Truck Co. has some of the most creative and flexible leasing programs in the industry. We would be happy to show you a custom-tailored program for your operation. Give us a call or send up an email, and we will get to work for you.

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