Did recent winter weather take a toll on your dock equipment? Have you inspected your dock levelers and dock seals, and checked the quality of your dock bumpers and wheel chocks? How about your truck restraint system? Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Dock and Door Division is available to help you inspect and repair your dock and door equipment.

Here is a list of common dock and door issues:

  1. Dock Bumpers. Worn and damaged bumpers are the most common loading dock problem. They may cause damage to trucks, trailers and even your building. If your bumpers are in poor condition, you will want to repair or replace them before they cost your company money.
  2. Dock Levelers. If your leveler is slow to extend or not extending at all, you are limiting productivity, aggravating drivers and dock workers and creating a situation that may lead to injuries. Eastern Lift Truck Co. recommends that you service your dock levelers at least once a year, or more, depending on the volume of use. A little bit of money spent on maintenance will pay big dividends and keep your facility running smooth and efficiently.
  3. Dock Seals. If you see the foam core, ripped seams, or torn head-pads, it is time to call someone to either repair or replace your dock seals. Keeping your seals in good condition helps provide energy savings, reduces water, dust and dirt and indicates your company takes pride in its shipping and receiving area.

Dock areas are inherently dangerous and often neglected. Eastern Lift Truck Co. encourages you to service your dock and door equipment on a regular basis. Keeping this equipment well maintained, clean and free of debris will help protect the people and products that travel through these areas each day. If you require assistance, please contact Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Dock and Door Division today!

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