ELT Systems Group racking and storage solutions

Selective Pallet Racks are the most popular and versatile racking for palletized goods. They are great for multiple, changing, and fast-moving products where direct access to each pallet is needed. Adaptable to fit many different products, weights, and sizes, selective pallet racks are also easy to install and re-configure. They are a lower density storage option, as an aisle is needed for each row.

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Racks are great for Last-In-First-Out “LIFO” (drive-in) and First-In-First-Out “FIFO” (drive-thru) configurations. With this type of racking, forklifts drive into the rack, loading from the back of the bay to the front, eliminating the need for multiple aisles. Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Racks allow for high density storage with less selectivity. They are ideal for high density storage with few product types and low rotation, and great for cold/freezer storage because of the maximized density.

Push Back Racks are great for LIFO configurations. With this type of racking, pallets are loaded into the 1st position, which pushes back the existing pallets. When unloading, pallets roll forward to the front of the bay. Pallets can be stored 2-6 deep on either side of the aisle. Push back racking is ideal for high volume, multiple-products, low # of SKUs storage. It provides multiple pick faces with extremely high throughput. Push back rack has a higher selectivity than drive-in, and a higher density than selective.

Pallet Flow Racks are great for FIFO configurations. Pallets are loaded at one end of slopped system and travel forward to the unload end on their own. This type of rack is ideal for perishable goods with high rotation or fast-moving goods. It can be 2-20 pallet deep, with maximum storage density. There are only 2 aisles, so less forklift travel is needed, saving on needed forklifts, hours, and fuel. There’s also less pallet handling, with less chance of damage and it saves space, manpower, and utilities.

Carton Flow Racks are great for FIFO configurations. Similar to pallet flow rack, the cartons are loaded in the back of the racking systems and flow to front. This allows more pick faces than selective rack, giving pickers access to more products in a smaller space.

Cantilever Racks are a specialty rack designed to store long or bulky items horizontally close to center column, saving space.  They are customizable to fit the items to be stored.

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