Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Commercial Vehicles Division offers a variety of environmentally friendly Polaris GEM low-speed vehicles (LSVs) that will help you meet your sustainability goals, save you money and improve the overall safety of your city or campus. 

GEM LSVs come in a variety of configurations and make an excellent people shuttle, security, food service, buildings & grounds, or maintenance vehicle. 

Our customers often save thousands dollars each year just by converting one combustion engine vehicle to an all-electric GEM LSV. GEMs are clean, green and environmentally friendly. They release zero harmful pollutants. They are also lighter and safer to operate around pedestrians than pick-up trucks and vans. GEM has a top speed of 25 mph and is street legal on most roads posted with a 35 mph or less speed limit. 

Polaris GEM LSVs plug in to any standard 110v outlet to charge. The average operating cost is just $0.03 per mile. Polaris’ Smart Power provides a selection of batteries (flooded lead acid, maintenance free, distance maintenance free, and lithium-ion) and fast-charging options to meet your range requirements. Ask one of our Commercial Vehicle Account Managers for assistance deciding which option is best for your application and budget. 

Our commercial vehicle consultants are always happy to discuss how we can help you meet your sustainability and budgetary goals. Through Polaris we also offer Sourcewell contract pricing and assistance with grant writing. 

Click here to contact your Eastern Lift Truck Co. Polaris Commercial Division Manager to learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist you today. We can help you achieve your sustainability and electric vehicle strategy goals.

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