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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. August 11, 2021

Safety and continuing education are ingrained into our culture at Eastern Lift Truck Co. All our service technicians undergo continuous training. To keep them safe and knowledgeable, and our team well ahead of our competition as the most complete service provider. Knowledgeable technicians are safer and more efficient technicians. 

As an authorized Hyster-Yale dealer, we enjoy the in-depth training provided by the manufacturer’s factory personnel. Ongoing training is important to keep up to date on the technology with the newer models being built and to stay compliant with OSHA regulations. Some classes are held at our facilities, while others are at Hyster-Yale locations. During factory training our technicians often train side-by-side factory engineers and may even be asked to give their input with future designs and software needs.

Manufacturer training classes usually consists of content divided by product class, with an emphasis on troubleshooting/diagnostics, diesel engines, programming and components training. Once a class is completed with a passing grade a certificate is awarded.

Our in-house technical training courses focus on many different topics such as attachments, engines, electrical, hydraulic, brake, and cooling systems, as well as electric motor / controls, drive axles and differentials, transmissions, gas/LPG fuel, industrial batteries, canbus, masts, meters, and steer systems.

Learning how to read and trace out schematics is also incorporated in our training.

Eastern Lift Truck Co. technicians utilize their laptops and work with manuals and hone their skills at taking and sharing verbal direction with the typical hands-on approach found in a shop environment. Sharpening these skills help our techs’ performance whether the job is “routine” maintenance, a critical equipment breakdown or a major disassembly / reassembly project.

Have confidence that when you contact ELTC Service Department you will be assigned a well-trained professional service technician.

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