Building out a new warehouse, whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield site, requires a lot of coordination and planning. A typical process can include hiring consultants for racking layouts and material handling equipment, finding vendors to supply trucks and racking materials, find installation teams to manage the build. Then come the details with permitting, licensing, planning office space, safety equipment, mezzanines, bins, and engineered drawings. 

Suffice it to say, there is a lot involved. One of the things that the ELT Systems Group can do very well is manage the whole process for you all under one roof without any additional fees. 

Warehouse Design

For larger installations, typically you may hire a consultant or general contractor to design a warehouse for you. These fees are usually sunk costs and usually the consultants will then offer additional services to oversee a vetting or bidding process but bow out once the work begins. ELT Systems Group can save you that time and money with our 50 years of experience working in the material handling world.

We can help design a warehouse that fits your needs while also taking consideration for the trucks and equipment you’ll need to use inside that facility, whether that includes robotics or manual trucks.

ELT Systems Group works with you from the beginning until the end when the last anchor is in place and operations are ready to begin. 

Installation and Project Management

Once a design is in place, ELT will manage the project from beginning to end providing you a single point of contact that will be able to source and provide the best solutions for any number of applications including: 

  • Labor and installation
  • Loading and offloading materials
  • Permitting and engineered drawings
  • Rack inspection
  • Managing unforeseen challenges 

Working with ELT Systems Group, you are getting a partner that works with you throughout the process and beyond. We can complete any project you may have within the four walls of your facility. 

Warehouse Material Handling and Safety Equipment

Beyond the design and racking material, ELT Systems Group can offer assistance in fleet management with material handling trucks along with power studies to determine the proper battery technology and maintenance methods. We can find a solution that saves you time and money in the long term especially with Eastern Lift Trucks support and service team.

We can offer any number of dock and door solutions, safety equipment such as cages and fencing. We also can provide solutions for pallet wrapping, scales, pick to light systems and more. 

Conveyor Systems – Sorting and Distribution

Building mezzanines and rack systems is something we do every day, but beyond that we can also design, build and program conveyor systems that will work hand in hand with the design we put together in the beginning. ELT Systems Group can put together and implement conveyor systems for cases and totes to connect picking and packaging operations with the efficiency and throughput in mind with the latest technology available. 

ELT Systems Group can provide a one stop solutions-based partner that can handle everything you need to make a warehouse operational. 

Automation and Robotics

Today’s world is constantly changing and with that ELT Systems Group is working with some of the best technology partners on the market. We can fully automate case picking with AMRs alongside fully automated pallet conveyance with robotic fork trucks. Our partners also provide world class WMS and WES systems that will help improve labor efficiency and map out product inside the facility to help match fast and slow-moving SKUs with the layout of the warehouse to achieve the best material flow possible. 

ELT Systems Group is a partner that will work with you from the beginning of a greenfield project and the years after as technology advances and your needs change over time. We will work with you so that you can stay nimble and competitive in today’s market and meet the demands of your clients.

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