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Today is National Forklift Safety Day, a day designed to remind and encourage anyone who works on or around forklifts to utilize on-going training and safety initiatives to keep operators and pedestrians safe. Safety initiatives in our industry are found at all levels. For example the Hyster-Yale Group is focused on designing and manufacturing intuitive and safe-to-operate forklifts. Dealerships such as ours have well-established, fully-staffed Training Departments, dedicated to teaching employees and customers about safety. This is accomplished through traditional classroom and hands-on training. We also encourage the use of daily equipment inspection reports, maintenance logs, routine site safety reviews, installation of available “aftermarket” and OEM safety products, and, in some cases, robotic powered forklifts.

This year, for National Forklift Safety Day, Eastern Lift Truck Co., has been invited by OSHA, to present at one of its regional meetings. The focus will be on powered industrial truck hazards, and the equipment and training options to reduce those hazards and enhance safety. The group will also review proposed changes to OSHA Regulation 1910.178. We are excited to participate in this event and hope that everyone, everywhere will take a moment to refresh and reacquaint themselves with basic safety precautions of day-to-day forklift operation.

National Forklift Safety Day continues to bring the material handling industry together. It’s a reminder we are all in this together and should applaud one another’s efforts to make our industry safer.”

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