The Industrial Truck Association’s National Forklift Safety Day, recognized in June of every year, is a reminder to our industry to take safety and safety initiatives seriously, not only in June, but also year-round.

Eastern Lift Truck Co. plays a key role in the safety of our customers as well as our own employees and operations, and our goal is to be safe 100% of the time; this includes offering effective training courses, knowledge and education of up-to-date equipment safety features, and an overall desire to know how and put into practice being safe, daily.

To this end, one simple way we help our customers stay safe is by reminding them of the importance of keeping their operator and facility certifications current and by following daily equipment checklists. These two major areas will greatly affect OSHA compliance and the overall well-being of their employees and operations.

Do you know what you should be checking on your equipment each day? If not, you may be missing something that can ultimately cost your operations in big ways. Eastern Lift Truck Co. can provide you with daily safety and operational checklists tailored to your specific mix of equipment. Some areas of importance include:

  • Visual Checks—tires, forks, hoses/chains/stops, leaks, hand/finger guards, overhead guard, safety warnings
  • Fluid Levels (Internal Checks)—battery water/electrolyte levels and charge, hydraulic tank fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, radiator coolant, transmission fluid
  • Condition (Engine Compartment)—all belts, engine air cleaner, fuel sedimentor
  • Condition (Operator’s Compartment)—operator’s manual in container, capacity plate attached, hood latch, seat belt/buckle/retractor, cab condition/wipers/heater/defroster
  • Controls (With Truck On)—odd noises fixed immediately, accelerator linkage, parking brake, service brake, lights/horn, tilt controls, steering operations, drive control, battery discharge, hoist/lowering controls, attachment controls
  • Gauges & Warning Lights—hour meter, instrument gauges/lights, safety devices/backup alarm/strobes/fire extinguisher

These are just a few areas that should be checked on a daily basis to avoid hazards and OSHA fines, as well as possibly identifying issues before they become greater. Have questions about the safety of your equipment? Contact us today so that we can help you on your way to having a safe and successful operation, every day!

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