A slip sheet is the name given to the thin, flat corrugated cardboard, plastic, or other type of laminated paper support, used to store and move product, in place of traditional pallets. They are used by many different industries to handle bottled beverages, paper, building materials, chemicals, and bagged products such as rice, seed and cement, and are popular because forklift operators are able to quickly move product without actually lifting it. For stability, loads are often shrink-wrapped.

In order to use a slip sheet, a forklift must be equipped with a properly matched attachment called a Push-Pull. This hydraulic attachment uses polished and tapered platens instead of forks. Just as its name implies, push-pull attachments either pull loads  by gripping the end of the slip sheet or push loads off the platens onto the floor or on to the top of a pallet or other product. Platens may also be hydraulically adjusted from side to side to aid the access and egress.

There are several different types of Push-Pull attachments namely fork-mounted and dedicated. The dedicate Push Pull is a more permanent mount for businesses that exclusively use slip sheets. For example, the Bolzoni Auramo Mark55TM Push Pull has been specifically developed for the American market and is suitable for handling both slip-sheeted loads and popular pallet types. When the operator needs to move a pallet, he or she uses the attachment’s hydraulics to bring the platens together to form what somewhat resembles wide forks. Conversely, when handling slip sheets, platens are spread apart.

If you have questions about slip sheets and push pull attachments may work in your operation, please contact your local ELT Account Manager for assistance. We are always happy to help.

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