Traditional forklifts are set up with forward steering, based on the operator primarily travelling forks first, with the load out front. When the steering wheel or tiller handle is turned in a clockwise motion, the forklift turns to the right, much like an automobile.

However, many warehouse forklift operators travel in reverse, that is, with forks and load trailing, so as not to have their view obstructed by the load on the forks. These operators, often reach truck drivers, either face sideways or are positioned completely backwards and they use reverse steering.

With reverse steering, turning the steering wheel or tiller handle clockwise will result in a right turn, while travelling with the forks and load in the trailing position. But when moving forward, forks first, the same action will result in a lefthand turn.

Obviously, it takes some getting used to reverse steering and it is incredibly important that the operator understand what type of steering he or she has on their forklift and has the appropriate training. If you have any questions about forklift steering options, or any other operator functions, please contact your local ELT Account Manager or Trainer. We are always happy to assist.

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