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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. August 25, 2022

Sometimes it’s daunting to think about automating material handling work. It doesn’t have to be, especially if you partner with ELT Systems Group. By combining the best available technology and the latest software from our partners, we are able to design and implement robotic lift trucks, more easily than ever. Deploying your system could be measured in days instead of months. 

Mission Triggers

Robotic lift truck systems require input in order to trigger a mission or workflow. To bring a pallet from the dock to a staging area requires a signal from something or someone. Now, this signal is as simple as entering a command from a tablet mounted to a stand or a forklift or opening a web browser on your personal computer. 


With older technology, the implementation of a robotic fork truck was often measured in months and not days. With the latest software, our robotic partners have given us the tools to complete robotic installations in days. This helps keep professional service costs down, while ramping up automation more quickly. 

·         Better software allows faster implementation

·         Better software allows clients to change pick and drop locations on their own 

Try Before You Buy

ELT Systems Group offers a trial rental period, starting at 6 months, which provides a good sample time frame to compare operational vs capital expenses. Rental availability is dependent on selected model(s). 

·         OP-EX vs. CAP-EX budgets

·         Know before you commit 

Automation no longer needs to be scary and complicated with big budgets and unknown risk. The ELT System Group and its team of engineers will help make your operation faster, more efficient, and no longer dependent on an unstable labor force. 

If you are interested in automating your material handling application, make sure you reach out to ELT Systems Group and see how we can help. 

Contact the systems group or Jason Dodge directly for further information and to get started on your project today.

Jason Dodge
Automation Manager | Systems Division
Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc.
Cell: (609) 605-1043
Email: jdodge@easternlifttruck.com

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