We would like to introduce you to Combilift, one of Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s outstanding materials handling partners. Founded in 1998, in Monaghan, Ireland, Combilift has become world-renown for its innovative spirit and is the leading producer of multi-directional forklifts and long-load handling solutions. To date, the company has shipped more than 60,000 units worldwide to 85+ countries.

As an authorized Combilift distributor, Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers all 51 different Combi models! No two machines are quite the same, unless specifically requested by the customer. We’ll take a high-level look, starting with Aisle-Master.

Aisle-Master is the brand name of Combilift’s very-narrow-aisle (VNA) articulated forklift. Equally efficient indoors and outdoors, the Aisle-Master can access trailers and operate within a rack structure, eliminating a customer’s need for two different forklifts to unload and put away products.

Aisle-Master forklifts also offer superb visibility, lift up to 49’, and work in aisles as narrow as 6’ 3”, offering something a traditional forklift cannot. Having the capability to operate in such narrow aisles, the Aisle-Master provides its users the opportunity to maximize their warehouse space. Choose from propane or electric power, and lift loads as heavy as 6,600 pounds. Aisle-Master also offers models specifically designed for order-picking and cold-storage applications. Check out the “Aisle-Master Advantage” here.

The Combilift C- and CB-Series are the original multi-directional forklifts. The C-Series was introduced in 1998 when Combilift was established and it changed the market segment. It’s essentially three forklifts in one: side loader, counterbalanced forklift, and narrow aisle unit. Like the Aisle-Master, it also eliminates the need for double handling of product. The CB series is one of the most compact forklifts on the market. It is designed to handle both palletized and long loads.

The Combilift MR is another multi-directional product that includes a reach function. It is able to work in incredibly tight spots with lift heights of more than 13’. Like the C- and CB-Series forklifts, MR units may be powered by electricity, diesel, or propane, and are available in a variety of capacities.

The Combi-SC straddle carrier provides a safe and efficient means of transporting extremely heavy loads, up to 220,462 pounds! The Combi-SC, which is available in diesel or electric, easily moves slabs of concrete, shipping containers, structural steel, and wind turbine blades, etc. Watch a Combi-SC go up against a traditional counter-balanced forklift to understand its benefits.

Combi-MG mobile gantries handle load capacities upwards of 275,000 pounds! These units are highly customizable and arrive from the factory in either diesel, electric or propane power, with six available steering modes of multi-directional steering for the ultimate in flexible driving options. Check out the Combi-MG in action.

Combilift manufactures ten different models of side loaders designated as SL, 4WSL, ST and GT. Choose from 3 or 4-wheel, diesel or electric, operator seated or standing, 2- or 4-directional and a range of capacities. All models offer the end user improved workflow and increased storage capacity, when properly matched with the application.

Another exciting Combilft product is the Combi-CSS Container Slip-sheet, which can complete a full freight container load cycle in under 6 minutes! Watch the video.

Comblift also makes seven different models of “pedestrian stackers.” These include walkie and ride-on pallet trucks, counter-balanced stackers and reach units. We don’t have the space to describe each model. But one example is the Combi-WR – a walk-behind reach stacker that is capable of operating in a very-narrow-aisle.

Rounding out the company’s impressive product lineup is the Combi-RT, a 3-wheel, rough terrain, diesel forklift, designed with the poultry industry in mind.

We hope you found this post helpful and informative. Thank you for reading. If you are interested in learning more about Combilift products, our sales team will be pleased to provide additional information, including white papers and testimonials. Then, when you are ready, we offer a site survey, product recommendations, proposal, and product demonstrations.

Finally, know that Combilift offers a no-obligation warehouse layout service, as well.

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