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How to Identify What Year a Hyster or Yale Forklift was Manufactured

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. March 17, 2018

The first step in identifying the age of a Hyster or Yale forklift is to locate the serial number, which is stamped into the capacity plate. The capacity plate, also known as a name plate or data plate, should be attached to the forklift near the operator seat (sit-down forklifts) or within easy eyesight (stand-up forklifts). In addition to the serial number, the capacity plate also lists the model number, fuel type, and various capacity ratings at different lift heights. OSHA states: “Do not operate a truck with an illegible or missing nameplate.”

Since 1995, the last character (letter) of a Hyster or Yale forklift serial number designates the year of manufacture. The letters “I,” “O,” and “Q” are not used since they are easily misread. Reference the chart below.

S = 1995

T = 1996

U = 1997

V = 1998

W = 1999

X = 2000

Y = 2001

Z = 2002

A = 2003

B = 2004

C = 2005

D = 2006

E = 2007

F = 2008

G = 2009

H = 2010

J = 2011

K = 2012

L = 2013

M = 2014

N = 2015

P = 2016

R = 2017

S = 2018

T = 2019

U = 2020

Please contact Eastern Lift Truck Co. for assistance identifying the age of Hyster or Yale forklifts built prior to 1995. We can also help identify the age of other brands of forklifts.

In the examples below, the “J” at the end of the Hyster serial number indicates the forklift was manufactured in 2011. The Yale serial number ending in “G” indicates it is a 2009 model.