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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. December 30, 2020

Nearly all Fortune 500 companies in the US use third-party logistics providers and businesses today are seeing online ordering dramatically. This increase in demand will force 3PLs to search for solutions to saving on costs, increase capacity and efficiency. These discussions are being driven by increased demand, labor shortages/turnover and varying peaks in business.

Eastern Lift Truck and the ELT Systems Group are fully geared to offer solutions both with automation and managing your existing fleet of trucks and other material handling equipment.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

Eastern Lift Truck can walk you through power studies that will help your company invest in alternative fuel solutions that will allow your truck fleet to operate longer and at peak performance. Alternative fuel solutions provide the ability to go maintenance free which will decrease down time, long term costs of ownership and free up maintenance crews to do other tasks within the facility.

Fleet Management

Managing your fleet of material handling equipment from both a financial and mechanical point of view will create increased sustainability and increasing efficiency throughout your fleet. Eastern Lift Truck can assist your company by managing your fleet to make sure wear and tear is balanced throughout every facility to match end of lease terms. This ultimately leads to a decrease in maintenance costs and assures peak performance based on need.

Automation Assessment and Consultation

The ELT Systems Group can offer a broad range of solution-based offerings that will start with assessing your current operation and determining where efficiency and labor savings can be gained. These gains are usually brought around by:

  • AMR and AGV systems to supplement your material handling process by letting robots move materials throughout your facility and keeping associates in aisle picking and putting away

  • Newer and more energy efficient conveyor systems to replace decades old systems whose cost of ownership only goes up with increased downtime and increased maintenance costs

  • Workflow analysis to assess whether or not your labor force is maximizing their time on the floor and not working inefficiently

Warehouse Design and Automated High-Density Storage

ELT Systems Group can design and install a wide variety of racking and storage systems. Newer technologies allow for more economical solutions for high density storage that don't require expensive cranes and new buildings. ELT Systems Group can help maximize your facility and execute its installation fast. Here are just some solutions:

  • Fully automated shuttle systems to replace conventional AS/RS systems to provide a completely automated full pallet in and out system.

  • Warehouse design and installation with our engineers and designers to maximize your footprint with conventional racking.

    • Maximize this space with the latest complementary material handling trucks from HYG.

  • Mini-loaders and other picking/putting modules for high-speed case handling systems

Complete Material Handling Equipment Provider

Eastern Lift Truck and its Systems Group can provide your firm with every single material handling solution that your facility may require from manual trucks to racking systems to robotics. By using ELT as a single source partner, you will gain an experience team to fully support all projects from existing facility or new expansions. All projects taken on by ELT will provide you with a turnkey solution that will ultimately lead to savings and ease of mind. 

Contact the systems group today or Jason Dodge directly for further information and to get started on your project today.  

Jason Dodge
Automation Manager | Systems Division
Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc.
Cell: (609) 605-1043
Email: jdodge@easternlifttruck.com

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