Fitting your forklift with a cab cover or enclosure is a great solution to combat winter’s inclement weather. Protect your operators from falling precipitation. They’ll appreciate no more wet seats.

Cabs and enclosures help keep forklift operators warm, dry and comfortable, while maintaining proper visibility. In an attempt to beat bad weather, some forklift operators rush and work unsafely. Others install makeshift covers made of shrink-wrap, plywood or cardboard, which may block their view, resulting in a potential OSHA violation and/or accident. Work with Eastern Lift Truck Co. to install a suitable cover or enclosure to ensure a safe and productive operator.

There are a variety of options ranging from vinyl and plastic to UV polycarbonate. Depending on your preference, there are clear and tinted covers, full enclosures for the entire operator cab. Some enclosures incorporate zippered doors (that can be rolled up and secured when not in use) and others use solid metal doors with glass windows.

Contact your Eastern Lift Truck Co. Parts Dept. representative to go over your forklift cab, cover and enclosure options. We are here to help and will be happy to recommend various options based on your need and budget.

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