As industry leaders, the employees of ELT Systems Group and Eastern Lift Truck Co. offer you a wealth of experience with material handling equipment and storage solutions. Our team will help you work smarter, not harder. We provide free safety assessments, help improve workflow efficiencies, find additional capacity for storage and properly size fleets, to increase performance. 


Every smart business constantly strives to improve its safety record. Let us provide you with a free safety assessment of your facility and help you eliminate workplace hazards and address things that may pose future problems. Here are a few places to start: 

  • Learn about the latest in material handling equipment
  • Use telemetry and new technologies
  • Install warehouse storage safety products such as pallet rack netting and pallet stops
  • Use proper spacings and improve warehouse traffic flow
  • Adpot standard operating procedures (SOPs) to find better workflows 

Added safety measures and an investment in technology often results in immediate savings through reduced product and infrastructure damage. 

Efficiency in the Workplace 

Many companies across the country face labor shortages, high turnover rates and increased costs of doing business. These issues are driving a renewed interest in finding new solutions and technology. Some things to consider:

  • Automation and robotics for horizontal transport of products
  • Labor management systems for more efficient picking cycles
  • Review and improve traffic management and material flow
  • Material handling equipment power studies that lead to better battery management 

Do not get left behind as your competitors embrace these changes. Our team is here to help guide you.

Fleet Sizing and Performance 

Contact ELT Systems Group today and ask our expert associates and engineers to determine if your fleet performance and size is appropriate for your operation. If you are in logistics or e-commerce, are you ready to meet the upcoming holiday demand season? Some concerns:

  • Your fleet was designed for a smaller operation but you have grown and not yet addressed your fleet needs
  • The blend of equipment is currently inadequate for your operation 

Allow us to help you scale and get the correct fleet sizing for your operation so you can meet the challenges of the future with the right equipment. No more worrying about idle trucks that you do not need or a fleet size that is wrong for the tasks at hand. 

Eastern Lift Truck Co. is proud to be celebrating its fiftieth year in business in 2021. The ELT Systems Group provides you with a free 360-degree assessment of your operation. We’ll help you step up your game, by working smarter and not harder.

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