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Discover The Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. December 11, 2018

Material handling dealerships and lift truck manufacturers touting hydrogen fuel cell technology often cite excellent benefits such as zero emissions (for a cleaner environment) and super-fast refueling (3 minutes for fuel cells vs 20 minutes for swapping lead-acid batteries) which equates to more up-time, increased productivity, and a safer work environment.

Another benefit of hydrogen fuel cell technology is the availability of constant power in normal applications. Unlike fleets powered by traditional lead-acid batteries, hydrogen fuel cell powered fleets are capable of operating at full power (and speed) with no degradation of performance during their shift. The result is faster through-put and a reduction of low-voltage wear on lift truck motor controllers.

Yale Materials Handling Corp. recently released THIS CASE STUDY about the benefits a food processing company experienced after converting from traditional lead-acid batteries to Nuvera hydrogen fuel cells. The study lists another, sometimes forgotten benefit, which is the ability to re-purpose expensive floor-space previously used for battery storage and charging. In this case, the company used the space for more product storage.

Are hydrogen fuel cells a fit for your facility? Visit our Hydrogen Fuel Cell page to learn more. Click the red “Request Info” button, to get answers to your questions and request a site evaluation. A team member from Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s Sales Department will respond.

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