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Carbon Monoxide Emissions Testing & Inspections

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. November 09, 2016

The arrival of cold weather means it's time to close doors and windows and fire up the heaters. This also means more time spent running equipment indoors, too. You should always use caution when operating an internal combustion engine forklift in an enclosed space. Without proper air circulation, the exhaust from a single lift truck can sicken or even kill your employees.

We all know that internal combustion engines emit carbon monoxide (CO). Sometimes, we forget that we cannot see, taste or smell CO, and exposure causes headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath and errors in judgment – all symptoms that are sometimes mistaken for the flu.

Just three hours of exposure to air with 0.04% CO is enough to kill – that’s less than half of a warehouse shift.

OSHA Standard 1910.178(i)(1) states: “Concentration levels of carbon monoxide gas created by powered industrial truck operations shall not exceed the levels specified in 1910.1000.”

Thankfully, several models of the forklifts we sell at Eastern Lift Truck Company have onboard dash monitors to help warn operators of rising CO levels. Still, all lift trucks with internal combustion engines, old and new, should be tested regularly.

“Sick” lift trucks with poorly tuned engines emit even higher levels of CO. Ensure a safe and healthy winter by keeping your equipment tuned and running smoothly and by monitoring CO emission levels. Eastern Lift Truck Company’s service professionals have the tools and expertise to inspect and get your equipment up and running safely.

Take care of your “sick” lift truck… before it makes your employees sick!

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