Task Taipan

  • Incorporates a built-in relief valve to protect the system from overloading
  • All our handles are ergonomically designed and engineered for infinite control and ease of use
  • Will work in a tiny pallet to pallet aisle space of 72” with standard pallets
  • Entry level stacker
  • No troublesome caster wheels
  • Excellent ground clearance for entry level stacker
  • Ramp start, anti-roll back and regenerative braking
  • Stand Alone Charger – fitted with Standard 110V Wall plug
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Tried and tested DC Drive motor provides a powerful traction system
  • Steal truck chassis for maximum protection
  • Large load wheels
  • Battery: Dual 12V – 105A/H
  • Lift Height: 130″
  • Load Capacity: 2,200 lbs

The TAIPAN® Straddle Stacker is our “entry level stacker”; designed with functionality, durability and toughness in mind. The steel truck chassis provides maximum protection and industrial strength.

The TAIPAN® is available in Duplex Mast with a rated Capacity of 2200lbs.

Equipment Type
Forklifts / Pedestrian Stackers / Specialty Forklifts