Task Conda

  • Self-diagnostic process with multifunction gauge
  • Super quiet, efficient transmission system offers extremely quick response time
  • Quality build- Direct Drive Transmission and Advanced DC drive motor
  • Unit is fully programmable to suit operators requirements
  • Inbuilt Charger – fitted with Standard 110V Wall plug
  • Will work in a pallet to pallet aisle space of 79” with 40” x 48” pallets
  • Ergonomically designed handles, engineered for infinite control and ease of use
  • Best capacity at height retention in the stacker range
  • Ramp start, anti-roll back and regenerative braking
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Battery: 24V – 210 A/H
  • Lift Height: 177″
  • Load Capacity: 3,000-3,300 lbs

The CONDA® pedestrian stacker is designed for indoor use and perfect for a wide variety of applications such as dock operations, warehouses and storage centers.

Operators find the CONDA® pedestrian stacker a compact, simple and easy to use. The electronic power steering allows users to work in very narrow aisle spacings; and the optional three stage “full free lift” mast is an ideal solution for users working within tight height restrictions.

Additional options of a tilting carriage and side-shift will allow operators to maneuverer pallets and materials safer, and more efficiently.

Equipment Type
Forklifts / Pedestrian Stackers / Specialty Forklifts