Task Boa

  • Ergonomically designed handles, engineered for infinite control and ease of use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ramp start, anti-roll back and regenerative braking
  • Best capacity at height retention in this style of stacker
  • Super quiet, efficient transmission system offers extremely quick response time
  • Inbuilt charger – fitted with Standard 110v Wall Plug
  • Self-diagnostic process with multifunction gauge
  • All the benefits of a counterbalance forklift but will work in a narrow aisle space
  • 2000lb unit will work in an 96” aisle, and 2700lb unit will require an extra 6”
  • Advanced AC motor and drive control technologies
  • Unit is fully programmable to suit operators requirements
  • Battery: 24V – 210A/H
  • Lift Height: 138″
  • Load Capacity: 2,000-2,700 lbs

This Legless® Stacker is the ultimate stacker in accessibility and efficiency.

The compact size of the BOA® allows operators to use this type of electric stacker to work in exceptionally narrow aisles widths of as little as 8ft. Making the Boa 2000 far more maneuverable than any other comparable stacker in the market; without sacrificing capacity at lift heights.

Equipment Type
Forklifts / Pedestrian Stackers / Specialty Forklifts