Motrec T – 20 – Triple Deck

  • Code: T - 20 - Triple Deck
  • Wheels: 410 x 6 LRB
  • Deck Dimension: 31.5 x 54"
  • Wheels: 410 x 6 LRB
  • Max Train: n/a
  • Aisle Width Navigation: n/a

Motrec genuine triple deck trailer

Save money, time and effort by exploiting the full potential of your Motrec tow tractor, tugger or stock chaser. Our in-plant tracking trailers are a simple and economical way to get more done in less time. With their tight turning radius and heavy-duty capacity, our industrial drawbar trailers are strong and sturdy, but also highly maneuverable. These indispensable work tools are built specifically for Motrec electric vehicles, and can be easily customized for specific jobs if needed.

Equipment Type
Industrial Vehicles and Personnel Carriers / Tugs Trams and Trailers