Motrec MP-240 36V

  • Passengers: 1
  • Loading Capacity: 500
  • Towing Capacity: 6000
  • Speed MPH: 9
  • Turning Radius: 71
  • Accessories: Bolt-on bumpers and rear wheel guards, 12V accessories
  • Safety: Back-up alarm, safety switch located on the presence pedal, horn
  • Seats: Bucket seat on slides
  • Steering: Handlebar
  • Suspension: Double coil springs and shock absorbers front, double coil springs and shock absorbers rear
  • Transmission: direct drive
  • Lights: LED lights: headlights, brake lights and taillights
  • Indicators: Battery charge status indicator
  • Battery: Six 6V-225 amp-hour batteries
  • Body: 100% steel unibody construction
  • Brakes: Dual rear self-adjusting mechanical drum brakes, manual parking brake, regenerative braking
  • Charger: High-frequency charger, (alternating current 85-265 V / 45-65 Hz, 1 kW), integrated and automatic
  • Controller: SepEx® electronic speed controller
  • Drive Axle: Differential with helical gear
  • Engine: 10 hp shunt motor
  • Deck Height: 25
  • Deck Length: 20
  • Deck Width: 30
  • Vehicle Height: 40
  • Vehicle Length: 79
  • Vehicle Width: 30
  • Weight: 1000
  • Wheel Base: 55

The MP-240 is a cost-effective vehicle that can adapt to any industry. It’s narrow and allows for a ride through doorways, yet tough enough to withstand years of hard work. You will be able to move around, and move goods, three times faster than on foot, which will quickly maximize your productivity. Features of this vehicle include a battery compartment located under the seat, a low entry sill, and front and side crash bars. A lift-up battery box and fold-down rear seat are optional. This is a multi-function vehicle that adds great value and reliability to everyday life.

Equipment Type
Industrial Vehicles and Personnel Carriers