Motrec MC-480 48V LD

  • Code: MC - 480 - 48V LD
  • Passengers: 2
  • Loading Capacity: 2000
  • Towing Capacity: 6000
  • Speed MPH: 10
  • Speed KPH: 16
  • Turning Radius: 127
  • Standards: Conforms to requirements for type E, UL 583, ANSI B56.9
  • Performance Notes: Includes passenger weight of 200 lbs. Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.
  • Drawbar Pull - Normal: 350
  • Accessories: Console on steering column, bolt-on front bumper, DC/DC converter to equalize battery cells, LED charge indicator
  • Safety: Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm, horn, automatic parking brake
  • Seats: Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
  • Steering: Automotive steering wheel, tilted steering column
  • Suspension: Dual leaf springs on front and rear
  • Transmission: Direct Drive
  • Voltage: 48
  • Wheels: 5.7x8 LRD pneumatic tires
  • Motor: Brushless AC motor, 15 HP Max (9 HP Continuous)
  • Lights: LED dual headlights & tail/brake lights, dual back-up lights
  • Indicators: Multifunction display including speedometer, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings. Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability.
  • Battery: Eight 6V-225AH batteries
  • Body: All-steel unibody construction. Powder Coating.
  • Brakes: Rear hydraulic drum brakes, hand lever parking brake, regenerative braking
  • Charger: High-frequency (85-265VAC / 45-65Hz, 1kw), built-in and automatic.
  • Color: Security orange or federal yellow
  • Controller: AC Electronic speed controller
  • Drive Axle: Helical gear differential
  • Deck Height: 31
  • Deck Length: 76
  • Deck Width: 45
  • Ground Clearance: 6
  • Vehicle Height: 45
  • Vehicle Length: 126
  • Vehicle Width: 45
  • Wheel Base: 56
  • Weight With Batteries: 1600
  • Weight Without Batteries: 1100
  • Loading Capacity: 2000
  • Wheels: 5.7x8 LRD pneumatic tires

The MC-480 has long been the ruler of rugged, reliable burden carriers. On top of boasting a smart modular design, an all-steel unibody and advanced engineering, this high-efficiency AC vehicle offers a roomier and more ergonomic driver compartment to make long shifts more comfortable and productive. If you need a do-it-all vehicle that’s strong, safe and easy to operate, you can’t beat the MC-480 – or its unlimited configurations and 3-year warranty.

Equipment Type
Industrial Vehicles and Personnel Carriers / Burden and Personnel Carriers