Racking & Storage Solutions

At Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. we offer a wide selection of pallet racking and storage products. We design and install storage systems to maximize your space, improve flow and increase the overall efficiency of your warehouse or distribution center. We have locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and work with vendors who often have product available for quick shipment. Contact us to learn more about racking and storage solutions.

Popular Warehouse Products

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1 - Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking remains one of the most popular racking systems due to its relatively easy installation, and ability to be re-configurated. Our team will help you select the layout that is right for your facility.

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2 - Push Back Racking

If your warehouse is a high-density, multi-product storage facility, push back racking may provide a solution to fully utilize your space, without having to sacrifice accessibility to your products. Installing the correct rack system, and then pairing it with dependable new warehouse forklifts will make your operation organized and efficient.

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3 - Cantilever Racking

With configurable arms to fit nearly any size and capacity, cantilever racking systems are the storage structure of choice for long or bulky items. Eastern Lift Truck Co. also sells new and used long-load handling forklifts to make these systems even more efficient.

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4 - Pick Modules

Pick module storage and racking systems integrate racking, mezzanines, and conveyors to optimize the entire order fulfillment process. This solution is ideal for companies that move products in high volume for order fulfillment. Request a consultation with one of our ELT Systems Group professionals today.

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5 - Drive-In Racking

Drive-In/Drive-Thru racking maximizes space with high density storage. This solution works for companies with large amounts of similar products, but limited space. The Drive-In racking system allows pallets to be stored deep inside the racking bay, allowing them to be loaded and unloaded into the bay as well.

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6 - Pallet Flow Racking

For high density, high rotation products, the Pallet Flow racking system provides a solution designed to increase operational workflow, while reducing physical handling of the product. By utilizing the pallet flow racking systems businesses can experience improved efficiency, and an overall improvement of productivity.

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7 - Custom Applications

The ELT Systems Group has the experience and expertise to provide custom application solutions. We are actively working with business, small to large, throughout North America, to help create safer, more productive and efficient warehouse and distribution facilities. Contact us today. Bring us in early on your project. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, learn about your business and help you find the right custom application for your needs and budget.