Yale® Robotic-Powered Forklifts

Looking for ways to improve your bottom line and fully optimize warehouse productivity? Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. provides a variety of Yale® robotic forklifts, designed for flexible, scalable, and efficient work. Yale® automated lift trucks allow you to allocate your resources for maximum impact. Contact the sales team at Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. to learn more about automating your warehousing operations and request a robotic forklift quote today. Explore more autonomous vehicle solutions.

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End Rider

  • Supports transportation of single or double pallets
  • Exceptional maneuverability, designed for tight turns
  • Capable of long distance load transfers
  • Ability to efficiently carry loads to staging areas

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Tow Tractor

  • Stock replenishment and material hauling functionality
  • Equipped for the easy completion of kitting and sequencing tasks
  • Electromagnetic brakes made for maximum safety
  • 15,000-lb. towing capacity

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Counterbalanced Stacker

  • Designed to handle pallets with a smaller width
  • Durability and strength to deposit or remove pallets from 2nd or 3rd level
  • Augmented visibility perfect for precision travel
  • Horizontal and vertical movement for point-to-point transportation.

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Robotic Reach

  • Single or double-deep reach
  • Deposit or remove pallets from as high as 30 feet
  • Maximize vertical storage space
  • Ideal fit for distribution centers

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Benefits of Using Robotic Forklifts

As your business continues to grow, incorporating automated systems for lower-tier duties will become essential to your success. By utilizing Yale® robotic lift trucks Driven by Balyo, you’ll be able to decrease operational costs by 70% and come up with scalable solutions that reduce overhead and improve your warehouse efficiency. Creating a cobotic work environment will be essential for maintaining a competitive advantage. Get in touch to see how the warehouse solutions experts at Eastern Lift Truck Company can improve your business with our services.

The Technology Behind Automation

How do Yale® robotic forklifts work? The self-navigational system utilizes structural features within the environment to move the robot. The combination of a reference map and the machine’s laser detection system allows it to identify its location in relation to its surroundings. The collaboration of these working systems allows the robotic forklift to move autonomously in the environment in real time.

Warehouse Solutions Unique to You

Having the right equipment is just a part of the puzzle when it comes to operating your warehouse successfully. By utilizing Yale® robotic forklifts with the support of Balyo technology, you’ll be able to scale your business, boost productivity, and allocate valuable resources where they matter most. Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating smart warehouse solutions into your business.