Hyster® Forklifts Driven by Balyo

The conventional way of operating a warehouse is changing. In the past, as your business grew, so would your labor costs. At Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc., we provide a wide selection of Hyster® lift trucks designed to automate repetitive tasks, so you can allocate your other resources to value-added facets of your business. Cut your operational costs with Hyster® forklifts Driven by Balyo. Reach out to learn more about our services.

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End Rider

  • Built with the power to support the transportation of single or double pallets
  • Designed with advanced maneuverability for taking on tight turns
  • Durable enough to make long distance load transfers
  • Ability to carry loads to marshaling/staging areas with accuracy and precision

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  • Excellent machine for stock replenishment and material handling
  • Efficiently takes on kitting and sequencing tasks
  • Can take on heavy-duty tasks with a 15,000-lb. towing capacity
  • Traction Motor Control Method which utilizes AC Transistors

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Counterbalanced Stacker

  • Designed to transport and stack totes, bins and pallets of a smaller width
  • Modified with horizontal and vertical movement for precision positioning
  • Panoramic view improved accuracy
  • Combines power and durability for 2nd- or 3rd-level pallet deposit or removal

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Re-imagining the Warehouse with Robotic Forklifts

The future of operating warehouses is automation. By creating a cobotic environment, businesses will be able to synergistically integrate logistical tasks with automated processes. This balance will allow resources to be allocated more effectively, while the necessary monotonous tasks are taken care of by robotic systems. Experience it for yourself by introducing Hyster® robotic forklifts Driven by Balyo into your warehouse. Contact us to get started.

Driven by Balyo – Giving Hyster® Lift Trucks the Edge

What makes Driven by Balyo technology so innovative? The key is in the design of its navigational system. Robots that incorporate Driven by Balyo technology can map out physical structures within the environment. This allows them to make route changes, and modify their path in real time. Couple this technology with Hyster® solutions, and you have a winning combination that cuts operational costs and improves your bottom line from the ground up.

Warehouse Solutions That Bring You Forward

Driven by Balyo technology provides the framework that will allow you to meet the demand of the modern material handling industry. By utilizing tools like Hyster® robotic forklifts, your business will be able to reduce operational costs, optimize your warehouse management systems, and mitigate risks that can be costly to your business. Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. is here to ensure your success by providing warehouse solutions that focus on your specific needs.