Task is an Australian-based material handling company known for its patented “legless” Boa and Cobra stackers. These units offer a much smaller warehouse footprint than conventional counter balanced stockers.

The Task Viper reach stacker is rated to lift between 3,300- and 4,400-pounds with 177” of lift. The Viper 4D model offers the same specs with 4-directional travel, a feature that greatly aids in the reduction of product damage when handling larger loads.

The Task Sidewinder 165 is billed as a support vehicle. It may be utilized as an order picker, offering a safer and more productive option to having workers use ladders, steps, or stools. It handles 880 pounds, including the operator.

Task manufacturers three different straddle stackers: the “entry-level” Taipan, mid-range Conda, and heavy-duty Python. The Taipan handles 2,200 pounds with 130” of lift. The Conda lifts 3,300 pounds and the Python handles 4,400 pounds. The Conda and Python both offer 177” of lift height.

Sales and Services with Task

The Eastern Lift Truck Co. sales team is pleased to offer new Task vehicles designed for a variety of applications and budgets.

Our aftermarket team is also prepared to support Task users with parts, maintenance plans and service. Use our contact form to request information or assistance.

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