About Factory Cat

Factory Cat has been part of the family-owned RPS Corporation since its inception in 1986. What started with one employee and one Model 34 battery-powered sweeper has since grown to become one of the most respected names in industrial floor cleaning equipment. Under its second generation of family ownership, Factory Cat upholds it commitment to quality through sourcing 95% of its components from American suppliers and hand builds each machine. Through keeping design prototyping and testing in-house, they are able to invest heavily in rapidly innovating their products and driving their technology forward for the benefit of the customer. When you buy Factory Cat, you know you’re buying American quality and durability.

Eastern Lift Truck Co. & Factory Cat

Eastern Lift Truck Co. is proud to be an official Factory Cat dealer in Washington D.C., Delaware, and Maryland. We carry their complete range of professional floor cleaning products including heavy duty walk-behind floor scrubbers, walk-behind floor sweepers, ride-on floor scrubbers, ride-on floor sweepers, and sweeper-scrubbers. These versatile industrial floor cleaning products are ideal for a range of environments such as retail spaces, hospitals, warehouses, steel mills, saw mills, manufacturing facilities, factories, and even mines. Reach out to your nearest Eastern Lift Truck Co. dealership to speak with a specialist about finding the floor cleaning equipment best suited to improving your facility’s safety and productivity today.

Factory Cat Product Support

As Factory Cat experts, we stock genuine OEM replacement parts and have certified technicians on-site ready to service your floor cleaning equipment. Find replacement tanks, cleaning solution, brooms, and any other part you might need at your local Eastern Lift Truck Co. dealership. From preventive maintenance to emergency repairs, our teams of service techs are here to help keep your equipment running its best. Contact the parts and service department at your local Eastern Lift Truck Co. location to get the best product support in the industry.

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