Low-speed vehicles are fun and functional. They are also street-legal on many roads, allowing you to expand your transportation capabilities.

Have confidence in knowing you have the most current safety features to abide by the rules of the road.  We carry vehicles of varying personnel occupancies and cargo thresholds allowing you to find the best fit for your needs. We represent GEM LSVs and provide a variety of vehicle options with all of them emphasizing safety, sustainability and efficiency. These electric powered vehicles allow for a cleaner and quieter operating system as compared to gas or diesel alternatives and are great solutions for campuses, neighborhoods, communities, municipalities and more. If you are interested in purchasing a new or used vehicle or are seeking advice on available vehicle options, call one of our sales representatives today to determine the best fit for you!

We are an authorized Sourcewell and Omnia dealer. Ask one of our representatives to learn more about how it applies to your vehicle needs.

We Are #1

Eastern Lift Truck Co. is rated as the number one GEM dealer in the nation as per Waev, GEM’s manufacturer! We are honored to have this distinction and take it very seriously. Our customers are our number one priority.  

GEM vehicles are versatile for your desired people-moving and tasks making them perfect for college campuses, retirement or senior living communities, municipalities, medical campuses, airports, casinos, resorts and more! Choose between the GEM e2, GEM e4, and GEM e6 vehicles depending on your desired passenger capacity. For a truck or van-like function, choose the GEM EL-XD which is box van style achieving a similar capacity as a pick-up truck.  The GEM EL-XD has up to 23 different bed configurations to meet your specific needs!

All of our GEMs can navigate on smooth roads and uneven terrain such as grass or sand while maintaining safety. These vehicles are certified street legal with maximum speeds of up to 38mph allowing them to be safely driven on the roads with speed limits up to 35mph. Choose between a variety of exterior color options, interior seat options and wheel options to achieve your desired aesthetic. You can even customize your GEM to have a panoramic roof which allows your passengers to have unobstructed views without leaving the vehicle. Ask our sales representative about all of the customizable options and create the GEM that is perfect for you!

Available Models

GEM e2 Electric
Starting at $13,182

GEM e4 Electric
Starting at $15,540

GEM e6 Electric
Starting at $19,113

GEM eL XD Electric
Starting at $16,731

We offer GEM vehicles with personnel capacities of up to 6 passengers. We also provide options consisting of a bed or a carrier in order to improve your ability to efficiently get work done. Overall cost of vehicle operation is lower as compared to gas or diesel vehicles as battery life is sufficient to last throughout the workday and is a rechargeable energy source.

  • New – We pride ourselves in carrying the most current GEM models. If you are interested in purchasing a new vehicle, contact us to discuss product options for you and receive a quote.
  • Used – GEM vehicles are some of the most cutting edge LSVs on the market. While we have an extensive inventory of new GEMs, we do offer used GEMs for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a used vehicle, contact us to discuss the product options and receive a quote.
  • Rentals – Sometimes long term rentals make the most sense for your needs. Ask one of our sales representatives about long term renting agreements and financing options!
  • Service – We have a readily available team should you require servicing of your GEM. Contact your nearest location to discuss servicing options for your vehicle.

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